I am a queer, butch, Jewish multi-instrumentalist, composer, and academic researcher currently residing on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. For the past few years my instrumental practice has been based primarily in bass clarinet and Trogotronics, though I am a bassist by background. My musical career over the past decade has spanned across multiple genres, from punk to noise to New Music, and manifested in several collaborative projects and albums. Despite having a diverse range of creative outputs, much of my activity for the last few years has focused on using improvisation and repetition to create immersive sound environments for myself and my audiences. I use these spaces to explore my relationship(s) with gender, sexuality, God, and death, and the ways in which my experiences integrate, clash, or oscillate with the world and all the Others within it.

In addition to my art practice, I am also an emerging sexological researcher. I completed my Masters in Sexology in 2017, and have been collaborating with several institutions across Australia to produce research projects and publications focusing on sexual health. My particular research interests include gender and sexuality, Queer Theory, Jewish Studies, and musicology. I am currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Human Rights Education (Curtin University), where I am leading a study which aims to explore the lived experiences of gender and/or sexually-diverse Jewish people living in the Australian diaspora.

You can contact me via shoshana.k.rosenberg (at) gmail (dot) com.