Academic Research
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Conferences and Seminars


Rosenberg, S. (2018). Trans/formation of sexuality: Hormone therapy and the new “female eunuch”. Paper presented at Quite Frankly: It’s a Monster Conference, Perth, Western Australia.

Rosenberg, S., & Harlow, S. J. (2018). Yøu can’t kill us: Disrupting normative perceptions of transgender women and transfeminine people’s voices. Paper presented at the “Gender Diversity in Music Making” conference, Melbourne, Victoria.

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Rosenberg, S., & Tilley, P. J. M. (2018). Trans women’s experiences of participating in insider research: recommendations for future research approaches. Paper presented at the International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

Rosenberg, S. (2018). How queer people “come in”. Virtual Library Poster for The National LGBTI Health Alliance’s “Health in Difference” Conference, Sydney, New South Wales.Wales.


Rosenberg, S. (2017). Ooh, queerness is a place on earth.. Paper presented at Australia’s Homosexual Histories Conference, Adelaide, South Australia.

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“Atid”, commissioned by Josten Myburgh and Jameson Feakes (2017)

“Athena’s Reign Begins”, commissioned as part of the Perth iMprov Collective‘s State Library of WA performance (2016)


Interview conducted by Ears Have Ears on Sydney’s FBi Radio –here (2017)

Interview conducted by Tone List Records for their debut “NOISE” magazine – here (2017)

Non-Academic Publications

Rosenberg, S. (2018, April). The complex reality of trans women’s sexuality. SBS Sexuality. Retrieved from https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/sexuality/agenda/article/2018/04/24/complex-reality-trans-womens-sexuality

Tan, C., & Rosenberg, S. (2017, December). How coming out has changed. Into Magazine. Retrieved from https://intomore.com/you/How-Coming-Out-Has-Changed/f594d5d036324d97